Where Soldiers Fear to Tread © John S. Burnett
The Author
John S. Burnett is a former reporter for United Press International and legislative assistant to members of Congress in Washington, D.C. His articles appear in the New York Times OpEd pages, he has written for National Geographic, Gourmet Magazine, the Guardian (UK) as well as for other popular publications. He has been a guest on CNN internationally and on television in the US, Europe and in the UK.
He produced documentary films for Australian network television, briefly wrote the daytime TV drama Search for Tomorrow.
John S. Burnett
Photograph © Jacqueline Terpstra
Burnett first went to sea at seventeen as a merchant seaman, was captain of a fishing boat in Alaska, worked on oil rigs, was a bartender, sold fax machines in Australia, did a stint in public affairs for the US Department of Interior in Alaska and Wyoming.
He is author of Dangerous Waters, Modern Piracy and Terror on the High Seas, (Dutton, 2002 , Plume, 2003, NY). It has been translated into five languages. He has advised members of the State Department and the Dutch Parliament on matters of maritime security in South East Asia. 
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